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Office Admin 

Office Administration Course online with OTC - UK
Office Administration Training Course online with OTC- UK

Office Administration Course Syllabus

• Business Awareness - Understanding the commercial nature of business
• Client Relations - Getting to know your client, staff, team
• Dealing with the Persistent Complainant - Knowing & utilising   Complaints Procedures
• Communication - Tailoring your style of communication
• Interviewing - Identifying the facts and issues from interviews
• Managing Others - Effective people management
• Professional Conduct - Exercising good standard of client care and work
• Self Awareness - Evaluating your professional strengths and weaknesses
• Working with Others - Appreciating your role and responsibilities
• Workload Management - Setting realistic timescales
• Effective Writing – Informative & Persuasive
• Public Relations - Spreading information to gain public awareness
• Filing & Record Keeping - Office management and filing practises
• Office Etiquette - Ways to a happy office environment

Course Fee:
Full Payment: £300.00 (inc 9% discount)
Instalments: £110.00 x 3 monthly

ELIGIBILITY for Office Administration Course

This course is available to anyone wishing to work within Human Resources or Recruitment  of any commercial company, worldwide.  Suitable for both males and females.  Some office experience is preferred.